Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Shopper's Dream...

So I have jabbered non-stop about the benefits of clipping and using coupons, but here are a few additional hints (feel free to skip over this blog post if you are bored or don't mind overspending...HA!)

* Check the weekly ads for your local stores and compare doesn't take that much time! Here in Phoenix you need to check Sunday papers as well as on Wednesdays! Who is offering the best deal once you compare coupons and sales????

* Plan your meals around sales/coupons...this is a no-brainer!

* Start a coupon coupons with friends and families to ensure you get favorite brands and items...I send my mom cat-food coupons (yeah, thanks, I have 7 dogs, I could save $$$ if they would eat her!)

* Checkout manufacturers' coupon sites (on their website generally) to get extra deals!

* Make your grocery list based on items you need NOT items you want!

* Two for one or three for one (yeah they do happen!) deals are the BEST!!!!

Feel free to suggest other ideas...we can all use them!

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  1. The three grocery stores in my area (South Carolina)all post their weekly ad circular online. This is the quickest and easiest way for me to access info on the weekly sales. My local pharmacies, CVS and Walgreens, also post their ads online.