Saturday, June 20, 2009

Father's Day Gift Ideas

OK - so admittedly: (a) I am a little late with suggestions for Father's Day gifts since it's tomorrow (oops!) and (b) some of these ideas are better suited to young kids giving a gift to Dad than a 40+ year-old ( perhaps?) sending one to Dad, but use your judgement and creativity!

* "Chip off the Old Block" - get creative with a block of wood, a little varnish and a permanent marker (yep, reminiscent of the "pet rock" days!)

* Baseball Cap Organizer - pretty self-explanatory; requires a yardstick, some clothespins and a little paint.

* Chef's Apron - have the kids craft-paint there hands on the apron and add a clever phrase.

* Cook's Gift Basket - (ok - this is ok for us older kids to give to a dad who likes to cook and/or eat!) - put together a gift basket of meat rubs, salsa (homemade?), BBQ sauce, etc.

* Coupon Book - these have always been a hit! Young kids can include hugs, watching a movie with Dad, playing a game, making breakfast (cereal counts!). Older kids can include car washes, yard work, making dinner, etc.

And, if time has run out for you, a homemade card and/or a phone call may save you yet again!

Happy Father's Day!!!

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