Friday, June 5, 2009

Wow - Room AND Board at College?

My son, soon to be a junior at the University of Arizona in Tucson, is wait-listed as a potential Resident Assistant (RA) for the 09/10 school year. This may not seem exciting to those of you whose kids haven't yet hit their college years, but from a budget-perspective this is a biggie! (And yes, we are also proud of it as an achievement for him, make no mistake about that!). When a student is selected as an RA, he is the "guide/leader/head honcho" for a floor/hall in a dorm. This is definitely a great responsibility and will look great on a resume. But, from a mom and dad's perspective: WOW! He has just scored free room and board with this gig!
Needless to say, we are waiting to hear if he gets in...if not, it's back to the Student Union deli - (not a bad job, but room and board it is not! :)

And, FYI this is not my son in the photo above...many thanks to Google!

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