Saturday, January 16, 2010

And when spring cleaning is done...decorate!

As an avid reader of all things "cheap and easy" (well, except Playboy and the like!), I ran across another money (and face) saving article in the 2/1/10 issue of Woman's Day...(yep, just skip my blog and subscribe!...kidding, just kidding!).

Check out the complete article for all 50 cheap and easy decorating ideas, but here are a few of my absolute favorites:

* Add plants to your rooms - they filter out pollutants and "add life" to your home. (ok, my friends know I have the exact opposite of a green thumb, but they do suggest money plants and spider plants as they are the easiest to care for)!

* Move your furniture around...give it a different look with the stuff you have!

* Give a new look to your kitchen by filling clear glass jars with grains, coffee, tea, etc. (hint - check out IKEA)

* Don't replace carpets - get them professionally cleaned (or do it yourself to save a few more dollars) and/or layer a rug on top of them!

* Put out fresh flowers & guest soaps in your bathroom...look like it is guest-ready all of the time...

* Make windows look taller simply by raising your curtain rods!

See the article for even more amazing won't believe you didn't think of them simple and yet so cool!

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