Sunday, January 17, 2010

Build your own outdoor fire pit!

I have frequently priced and sighed over the costs of fire pits - you know the ones...copper bowls, brick pits custom-designed or even the less ornate wrought-iron versions. But, no, we still don't have one. Fear not...there is hope for those of us with fire pit delusions and low budgets!

Check out:

In short here is what you need to do:

1) Locate the area where you want the fire pit to be located and level the ground (avoiding any fire hazards such as structures, bushes, trees, etc.)

2) Determine fire pit size and mark it - then dig a six-inch trench around it.

3) Mix concrete using shovel or hoe and aim for a thick (i.e. peanut butter-like) consistency.

4) Fill pit with concrete, leaving one to two inches of the dirt area for the pit exposed at the top.

5) Level the concrete using a scrap piece of lumber and then allow it to dry for at least four hours (overnight is even better!)

6) Wash rocks

7) Mix mortar to consistency slightly thinner than the concrete and begin stacking the rocks while apply mortar to them, covering about 3/4 of the bottom surface of the rock with a trowel. Continue stacking the rocks until your fire pit is at desired height.

What you need: rocks, concrete, mortar, water, trowel, mixing tub, shovel or hoe, scrap piece of lumber.

I may just have to try this one!

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