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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freezing your grocery deals

Occasionally my grocery stores of choice will run great deals on steaks, roasts, butter, name it! The other day I had a coupon at Albertson's for a deal on pork loin roasts - buy 1, get 2 free (yes, you read that correctly). But we can only eat so much meat in any given week, so into the freezer these items go!

Good Housekeeping (Sept '08) offers some tips for freezing these amazing finds - the following can freeze in freezer bags (or in original packaging and then in freezer bags) for the indicated lengths of time (this assumes the freezer is set at or below 0 degrees F):

Steaks, 10-12 months
Chops, 4-6 months
Roasts, 10-12 months
Hamburger (raw) 3-4 months
Bacon (opened or unopened), 1 month
Lunch meats (opened or unopened), 1-2 months
Poultry (whole bird), 1 year
Poultry pieces, 9 months
Poultry (ground), 3-4 months
Butter, 6-9 months
Blocks of hard cheese, 6 months

They also suggest lean fish (cod, flounder or sole) can freeze for 3-6 months, but oily fish (salmon) for only 3 months.

So, take advantage of sales in your dairy and butcher aisles and freeze some away for a "rainy" day!

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