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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Free medical information

It seems like everyone has medical questions these days and some of them may not require the copay or more to go in to ask your own doctor. A disclosure is required here - excessive pain, bleeding, accidents, potential emergencies...PLEASE see your doctor or go to the emergency room...but otherwise...

There is a virtual medical team at (that's 2 v's, not a "w"!)...and you type your question in and one of their licensed participating doctors (of over 2,500 doctors) will send you a personalized response online. Have I tried it? Well, honestly no...the Penny Pincher is feeling ok right now so no reason to check it out but for basic concerns, I think this is a great free service (but NOT meant to replace regular medical check-ups and annual exams/tests).

And don't forget, an apple a day...

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