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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Volunteer for a vacation!

Summer is upon us and if you're like me, I have no definite vacation plans, let alone the budget to go on one! Given all of the natural disasters and tragedies worldwide as well as unemployment rates still not recuperating, consider a way to help and get a holiday! You can get away to amazing places and help others at the same time. Some examples I found in AZ Magazine (Summer 2011) are listed below:

American Hiking Society - work on one of more than 70 US projects in national parks.

Volunteers for Peace - work on children's programs, renovation, language, agriculture and other projects in over 100 companies.

International Street Angels of the World - most projects run by this AZ-based non-profit organization are in Lima, Peru.

Cross-Cultural Solutions - help local people at childcare centers, health clinics, homes for elderly and other community organizations in 12 countries (such as Morocco, Thailand, Russia and Guatemala).

WorldTeach - Instruction mostly in English but also in other subjects across the globe.

Habitat for Humanity - help build homes for families in need in the US and dozens of other countries. (My husband has worked for this one...great programs!)

So, needless to say, a passport may prove handy for many of these programs, but all are for a great cause. Check the websites listed to see what would be the best fit for you and your traveling companions!

Happy trails!

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  1. A FRIEND OF MINE POSTED THIS COMMENT ON FACEBOOK RE: THIS BLOG POST: My oldest, Jimmy, had big plans of traveling through Europe after college graduation, but with college debt etc. it didn't look like he was going to get the chance. He discovered his volunteer vacation at the Sea Turtle Conservation Project in Greece -- not only is he working with his passion, ocean life, but is making it to Europe!