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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to any fathers reading this (though I imagine you have better things to do today)!
For those of you who have fathers, grandfathers, husbands who are something special today...Yes, I'm a penny-pincher and I don't believe that the most expensive gift is the best one for the occasion...some ideas:

* Breakfast in bed (don't forget the coffee and the newspaper - he gets dibs on the sports & comics!)

* Hit a local fishing spot...have a picnic (he can bait his own hook)!

* One day free of anyone pushing their own agenda (kids - no whining, older kids - no begging for the car or cash, wives - no nagging - no I mean it!)

* Write your dad a note about fun times you remember from when you were younger...even in a homemade card!

This is one of those occasions where money doesn't necessarily buy happiness...he'll treasure any of these special times/gifts!

Here's to Dad!

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