Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stepping out in style!

Summertime events and beach time...what more do I need to say? It is definitely sandal time and "InStyle" magazine (May, 2011) offered a great "do it yourself" sandal makeover!

You only need a pair of T-strap sandals, a lightweight cotton scarf (in a colorful pattern) and a pair of scissors. Here are the directions quoted from this issue (but you can also check out for Jenni Radosevich's blog - she is InStyle's "resident fashion-craft expert" which I certainly am not!)

1) Cut scarf into 24 strips (each about 2" x 1/2") - you will need 12 strips for each sandal.

2) Start at the top of the T-strap and tie a strip with a simple knot around the thong. Keep the knot facing outward and continue working your way down the strap with the rest of the 11 strips. Be sure the knots sit snugly together.

3) Repeat Step 2 on the second sandal.

Jenni's tip: "Make sure to leave enough room for you big and index toes to fit comforatbly around the base of the thong."

What a cool and inexpensive way to have one-of-a-kind sandals! Thanks, "InStyle" and Jenni!

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