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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Help the Hounds! (...and cats...and ferrets...etc.)!

My family and I recently started fostering for the AZ Basset Hound Rescue here in Arizona. We are strong believers in pet adoption, but found that being a foster family helps just as take care of the bassets that aren't ready to be adopted yet for medical reasons or simply haven't found their "forever homes." When one is adopted, you move on to foster another pup...what a wonderful way to volunteer and reap the love of some great dogs.

Well, the ASPCA had a list of the top 10 ways to help your local shelter without a lot of time or money on your part! For the full list check out their website at but meanwhile here are a couple of the ideas they suggest:

* Designate a day for your co-workers to donate spare change, tips, etc. to benefit your local shelter. Post signs and pass out flyers and make it an event!

* Volunteer to help play with puppies at the shelter and/or to take adolescent shelter dogs to obedience classes to make them more adoptable.

Whatever you can do to help will always be gratefully accepted!

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