Saturday, June 4, 2011

Group chats!

Believe it or not, here is a site that I actually tried before passing it on to you! (I really need to do that more often!) Anyway...have a lot of friends that would love to all get on the phone and chat for a little pocket change? Try and you can have up to 96 people on the call and even have it recorded ( that's better for business calls unless it's a family reunion type of call that you want to save for the memories!).

Now I tried this just the other day for a business call, but "free" depends on how you use the service - there are fees to record or to get an 800 # for everyone to call in on...for 4 callers on the line for an hour it cost about $22 (we did not record the call but we did get the 800 dial-in number). If you're doing it for fun, you may want to bypass the toll-free number and let everyone just cover the cost of phone call for themselves. Still this is a huge improvement over three-way calling and really simple to set up!

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