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Friday, June 10, 2011

Pack Smart!

Summer vacations can mean fun, relaxation and...yes...the nightmare of packing to meet the airlines' baggage limits without getting all the added fees! I've traveled a lot for business (less for fun!) and I know to roll up my clothes to make more fit in a bag...done! Use a small purse and carry a big bag I can tuck it in so that I can bring my laptop on without having 3 carry-ons...done!

But now I've heard everything! AARP's magazine suggested taking a look at for a line of jackets and coats that have 17 to 37 pockets. You simply wear what you would have packed! Can you imagine if you were the one selected to be searched at security? You would never catch your flight! This isn't meant for packing clothes, but more for electronics, water bottle, glasses, etc...sort of like wearing your purse or backpack, but it still seems a bit awkward.

I'm looking for other good travel tips, so post yours here!

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